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Virtual Call Centre

Alpha Club Business Solution Ltd works alongside the Arise business owner model as a Client Support Professional (CSP). It can make working from home a real opportunity for you to be your own boss. You will be taking inbound customer service calls linked to a VPN from your chosen client. The client list ranges from Satellite, Breakdown, Travel, and Warranty companies.  All that is required is you service the minimum amount of hours per week set by the client. You get to book your hours two weeks in advance, in half hour slots, with the option of being able to pick more hrs if required. 

Average pay is based around per call time, which works about 6-10 pounds per hour, depending on call metrics and the client you are servicing. We have  current members of staff servicing, who will be able to help you succeed in training and when you are working for the client.

If you want to know more or get on the next run of courses please contact us. 

As one of our agents...

We are always there so you can speak to us in person with any concerns or problems, or email and we will reply to you the same day. Alpha Club will also assit you in any problems you come across while servicing.

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Application process

The purpose of the admissions vetting process is to identify Agents/CSPs that have an ability to work from home on individual applications so that we can be assured that the agent/CSP possesses the basic skills to thrive in a Virtual Environment. Previous experience is not essential.

The admissions process currently consists of the following:

Profile creation

  • Name
  • Address
  • Previous Working Experience etc (Approx 10/12 mins)

Viewing the master service agreement

  • (Approx 8-12 mins)

Voice assessment

  • This is to ensure that you have the correct annunciation/communication skills and customer friendly accent. This is conducted by an Automated Telephone Answering Service upon which you leave a 2-3 min verbal dialogue. (5-10 mins in total)

Live Direct Telephone Interview

  • (Contacted within 48 hours of passing the voice assessment)
  • This is conducted by an Arise Employee/Interview Specialist.
  • 6-8 questions which are all orientated around your own previous experience.
  • Customer Service Focused (Takes Approx 20-30 mins)

Criminal records background check

  • (CRB) Basic Disclosure Required.
  • This is to ensure the persons credibility when working on the clients own systems, we deal with very sensitive data of course (Credit Card Data etc)
  • (Can take 4-14 days to come back)
  • If you have one that was issued within the last 90 days then we will accept that one.


  • The Purpose of the Arise CSP101 Course is to provide a program that will instill basic knowledge and understanding of what a person engaged in the provision of Virtual Call Centre Services will do and familiarise CSP applicants to Arises own Systems.

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