How Much Can I Earn?

Virtual Call Centre

Working under the safety of Alpha Club Business Solutions, you will be earning between £6-£12 per hour.

Pile of coinsRates of pay can vary between clients. Skill sets and performance levels are rewarded with higher remuneration packages. Effort and dedication is also rewarded on top of these figures. We want you to know you are valued as a member of “The Winning Team” and are thrilled to offer recognition where it is due.

All Incentives/bonuses that are awarded get paid directly back to you with full transparency.

Some opportunities will include incentives/bonuses when achieving set targets or completing additional training. The bonuses/incentives differ on a regular basis so please log on to the opportunity information from your Arise/Alpha Club Portal.

Pay structures

Working as a contractor for Alpha Club Business Solutions Ltd, you have the ability to work for multiple clients.

The Pay can be based on any of the following Criteria:

  • per call
  • per minute
  • per hour

Different Clients attract different payment criteria.

When is pay day?

We Pay Monthly, on the 9th of each month or the next working day if the 9th happens to fall on a weekend.

We Pay via Instant Bank Transfer, which means you will have your funds the same day, cleared and ready to spend.  For the Majority of CSP's, pay is received and cleared within 60 mins.

You can request a Cheque if you prefer.

We do not use Paypal as this costs you additional money.

Paypal fees could be as much as 3.4% of your wage. We consider this unfair to the Agent to use such a system when you can be paid straight away via bank transfer for free.

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