Why Self Employment?

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The UK Government is encouraging more and more people to become Self Employed and is a more attractive option if you have recently been made redundant, unemployed or unable to find the right work/life balance.

Freedom is the main reason for becoming Self Employed, no longer working for overbearing/over demanding bosses who tell you when and where you work.

Instead “you” control your own workload. Be in control – be in total control (LIFE/FREEDOM – WORK/FREEDOM).

There are lots of good reasons for wanting to work for yourself, like wanting to work from home to fit in better with family commitments and wanting to take more control of your life, be your own Boss. With Arise/Alpha Club Business Solutions Ltd, being Self Employed can be exciting, rewarding, friendly and gives you a sense of job satisfaction and sense of achievement, accomplish what you want.

What business expenses can I claim?

When you are Self Employed you are bound to encounter items and services you need to pay for.

It is when you are doing your tax return that you will be deducting all your outgoings from your incoming generated during the tax year.

The rule HMRC use is that the items or services you can claim for must be “wholly and exclusively” incurred for the purpose of the work being carried out.

A few examples but not an exhaustive list:

  • Any Equipment :- computers, tables, etcTax return with calculator and pencil
  • Broadband and telephone rental
  • Motoring expenses:- (currently the mileage allowance is 45p per mile so well worth claiming back)
  • This can be when you attend any meetings or need to fetch/carry business related items.
  • Utility bills:- if you use 1/8th of your home as an office then you can claim 1/8th of the Electricity and Gas used to keep the office running.
  • Any telephone calls or letters you do/send
  • Printer cartridges/stationery etc
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