What Equipment Do I Need To Service from Home?

Virtual Call Centre

Taking calls from home is extremely easy and has been designed for ease of use.

With the latest in telecommunication software we can route calls to your home telephone with extreme efficiency.

Similar technology is in place when you divert your own home calls to your mobile phone. Instead of doing this we use the software to route calls to your home from the Main Contact Centre Queues via an Oracle software product called “Call Centre Anywhere” or even Avaya Telecommunication Software, both Oracle and Avaya are leading Software Companies that specialise in telecommunication software.

You will need the following:

A mid-range PC/computer or laptop (If you are going to be working more than 2 hours per day continuously, I do recommend DeskTop PC’s as they can deal with a lot more heat. As you may know Laptops do generate a lot of heat.

A broadband connection that is capable of providing a 1.5Mbps Downstream if you are unsure of your current speed you can click this link to check Broadband SpeedChecker
The Broadband has to be wired to the Modem/Router via an Ethernet Cable/RJ45 Cable (Hard Wired)
(We do not use Wi-Fi or Dongles as these can be a security risk/unstable.

A plain old telephone system (aka POTS Landline) No features and No Answering Machines.
The last thing a customer wants to hear is “Hello this is Peter and Jane – Sorry we can’t take your call – please leave a message after the beep”
This would be extremely embarrassing to all, needless to say detrimental to the client.

A telephone base unit with a headset port – You will also need a Headset to go with this.
You can use the receiver only but this is mighty uncomfortable indeed and can cause health issues.
We do not use Cordless Phones or VoIP based lines when directly servicing the Client

A computer headset (VoIP or Gaming Headset that is compatible with your PC/Laptop)
Not to be confused “why” but needless to say the VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol is what you will need to speak to the online instructor during the training sessions only for the Client Specific Course and this will allow you to speak to the Online Instructor Directly. You can also use a computer microphone and speakers instead of the (VoIP Headset).

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