Why Work From Home?

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Virtual Call Centre

Join 48,000 (and growing) other home based customer service agents globally.

There are over 2.1 million home based businesses in the UK with 60% of all new businesses starting from home.

With a 5% Market Share of the current workload homesharing/virtual agents are starting to boom & bloom.

  • Join 48,000 home-based call centre agents worldwide
  • Work the hours “you” choose – no more rota’s
  • Better life / work balance
  • Reduced car / travelling costs
  • High petrol prices – reduce your carbon footprint – go green
  • Reduced commuting time – increase earning potential
  • Reduce cost of child care / child minders, office lunches, office clothing, parking, toll roads and much much more.


Freedom & choice

Choose your hours

You will have the flexibility to post your own work schedule 2 weeks in advance and post the hours in 30 minute increments of time (For instance 10am-11am would mean 2 blocks of time to tick/pick). You can also book additional hours to suit your needs after the initial release of hours, if you have to drop slots of time to schedule then you can do so with giving 48 hours of notice and you simply untick the hours you have chosen so that other CSP’s/Agents can pick them up.

Freedom to balance your personal needs with the work you do.

Take Advantage of being self employed and the Benefits it can bring, you can even get better Tax Benefits from this. Service 'Premium Brand' companies that Trust you to care for their valued customers. Results you produce determine your earning potential

Reduced commuting time – increased earning time

According to a recent report done by Virgin Media Business if you are 1 of the 10 million people in Britain who drives to work each day, the chances are you have noticed the spiralling out of control petrol prices with it recently going above the £1.30 per litre in the UK – An all Time High. With the Average worker making a 19 mile commute, the daily journey to work, combined with parking fees, now cost around £3,782 a year. This study was conducted in 10 Major Cities in the UK.

For people on the average salary of £25,000, this equates to a fifth of their annual net wage, and would take more than two months to earn. UK Homeworkers gain an average of 17 days a year by giving up the tedious commute to work; additionally you can save hundreds of pounds in travel costs, petrol, office lunches, child minders and work attire.

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